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In Spring 2018 we’ve formed a strategic alliance with one of our main offset printing companies. After over a decade of the wonderful working relationship, we are happy to join forces with Gullo Printing, established in Elmont, NY in 1952 the longest-running printing company in town and well respected in the community. We are proud to call this historical staple of Elmont our home as of 2018. Established in August of 1997, we are a growing company able to change with technology, culture, and time, and keeping our integrity and dedication to a higher standard of service. Left-brain analysis. Right-brain creativity. We combine them to develop powerful long-term strategies. All our recommendations to our clients are based on our strategic approach. Tight integration throughout every avenue of communication means every element works harder and delivers more. In short, the answer to “why?” is “more.” More services, more expertise, more results. Count on us at Belimage as your marketing and advertising consultant to play a big role in your future. It’s a B.I.G. decision. Make it a smart one. Our creative solution is based on solid research, factual analysis, and experienced insight.